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When you sign up for our oil delivery program, we monitor your oil tanks level, schedule a delivery automatically and deliver it before you run out of oil. It can free you up to do other things instead of having to monitor your oil levels. Don't hesitate to call your fuel and oil experts at Estes Oil Company to start your program today!

You can stop worrying about an empty tank!

Managing your fuel and oil inventory has never been easier!

No matter how big your tank is or how quickly you use our products, we can design a program for you. Both residential and commercial customers can start using our delivery programs.

You qualify for a program!

A nice benefit of our oil delivery program is that we make projections about your usage and when we plan a delivery, you only pay for the amount of oil you have used. There are no added costs. This goes back to taking care of our customers and striving for customer satisfaction!

Security with no extra cost

Start your delivery program NOW!