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When you run out of fuels and oils at your business, things don't run smoothly. Estes Oil Company stocks various fuels and oils to get your productivity back to normal. You also don't want your employees and customers walking into a cold workplace. Be sure to call us and we will work diligently to get you back to work in a comfortable environment.

Keeping your business running

We offer oil from Rotella, Shell, Mobile, and other trusted brands.

You can sign up for a delivery program that will manage to keep you from worrying about your tanks going empty. Visit our delivery program page for more information.

Ensuring you against empty tanks

Below are some of the more common fuels, oils & products we stock:

Your local supplier of fuels and oils!

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  • #2 home heating oil

  • Clear Kerosene

  • Gasoline

  • On road diesel fuel

  • Farm diesel fuel

  • Aviation oils

  • Motor oils

  • Gear oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Tanks